What are the steps of shaft parts processing?


There are many industries will use to shaft parts, because of this, led to the development of the shaft parts processing industry, then we know what are the steps of shaft parts processing? Let's take a look at the following details.
What are the steps of shaft parts processing
Shaft parts processing process because the lathe spindle contains steps, bore, can fully reflect the characteristics of shaft parts, so now use the spindle for example.
1, first of all, the forging blank at both ends of the drilling center hole, rough turning the outer circle of a few large steps;
2, for tempering;
3, semi-finish turning of each step, external circle and length of the release margin, and then set up the center frame to turn the total length;
4,Drill the inner hole of the shaft on the center frame;
5,Enamel both ends of the tapered hole, both ends of the boring, drilling the center hole, in preparation for grinding;
6,Fine-turn the outer circle and step plane of each gear, put the grinding allowance, and turn the grooves and chamfer on the outer circle;
7,Grind the outer circle and step plane to size;
8,Machining each screw on this lathe after assembly.
Shaft parts machining process
can more comprehensively reflect the commonalities and laws of shaft parts processing, shaft parts is one of the common typical parts in machining. It is mainly used in machinery for pulleys, supporting gears, cams and connecting rods and other transmission torque and transmission parts. There are a variety of shaft parts, its structure size, and accuracy requirements are different, so the choice of machining process is also different.