The requirements of precision machining


Precision machining must be processed in strict accordance with the processing drawings, the actual size of the processing will be the same as the size of the drawings, so what are the requirements of precision machining? Take a look at the following introduction.
The requirements of precision machining
The main content of the precision machining factory in modern society, the general use of CNC form of mechanical processing of parts.
1, first of all, in the CNC machining of parts, to choose the appropriate CNC machine tools, in the CNC machine operations, and determine what the process of processing is.
2, and then develop a suitable parts CNC mechanical machining of the processing program, to be processed by the analysis of the drawings of the parts, the parts processing content of the parts and the use of suitable processing technology.
3, the most important thing in parts machining is to design the process of parts machining, which is related to the quality of the parts, to clear parts machining process steps, the selection of benchmarks, processing tools, fixture selection and installation and processing strategy and process parameters to determine, in order to develop the most appropriate processing technology.
4, in addition to the preparation and inspection of the program of the CNC programming of parts machining, control programming errors, improve the quality and efficiency of programming.
Therefore, in the processing of precision mechanical parts, to understand the relevant processing technology, to develop a suitable processing program, the parts of CNC machining process for in-depth research and analysis.