How is precision EDM achieved?


With the progress of machinery manufacturing industry, the parts processing technology is also gradually developed. According to the different characteristics of parts manufacturing, the use of different processing technology. For precision EDM processing, how to realize the precision EDM processing? We go together to see the following introduction.
How to achieve precision EDM
An important premise that must be followed for precision EDM is the use of precision machining machines. When using machine tools for precision EDM machining, the accuracy of the machining will not exceed the accuracy of the machine tool, no matter what. If the machine tool accuracy is not enough, it limits the EDM processing accuracy, and then the precision EDM equipment loses its usefulness. For high value-added mold parts EDM processing, general discharge machine tools are difficult to complete competently, and choosing high precision EDM machine tools is a very necessary prerequisite. This kind of machine tool with high degree of automation and outstanding intelligence can greatly reduce the dependence of processing quality on human factors.
In addition to the mechanical properties of the structure, the spindle and the various geometric accuracy of the table should meet the requirements of high precision EDM, but also through the high precision scale of the full closed-loop control method, to obtain a very high automatic positioning accuracy. The performance of the machine's pulse power supply directly determines the performance of the EDM, which requires the smallest possible discharge gap in order to achieve higher accuracy. A stable discharge gap relies on high speed tool lifting technology for efficient discharge of machining waste and tar. Under small gap machining conditions, stable machining can be achieved, and the status of each discharge pulse is automatically monitored to ensure that undesirable pulses do not have a destructive effect.
Precision machining machine tools should use high-performance servo control system, which can control the machining depth error within the minimum limit to achieve the requirements of high-precision machining. In precision machining, rich shaking methods such as clear corner panning and spherical panning can be used to accurately compensate for the size of the profile. The use of waveforms with slope control contributes to low electrode loss and the machining of high-grade surfaces.
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