What are the requirements of PG optical grinding processing


With the continuous development of industry, people's requirements for PG optical grinding processing are getting higher and higher, and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Today we will go to understand.
What are the requirements of PG optical grinding processing
1, processing before the processor should look at the drawings and understand the processing process of the parts, a clear understanding of the process parts, shape, size, location accuracy and the processing content and requirements of the upper and lower processes.
2、Check whether the size related to this process meets the drawing and process requirements, and whether there is enough margin for processing.
3、Before processing, the datum used in this process should be tested to see if it meets the process and processing requirements.
4、After the workpiece is clamped to the worktable, optical grinding with the method of sample diagram control, coordinate grinding with the method of chart, test whether the location dimensions related to this type of sequence are in accordance with the drawings and process requirements.
5、After processing, check whether the processing size and related position size meet the drawing and process requirements.
6、Each handover shift, should check whether the benchmark (zero position) is correct and the machining allowance. After passing the test, the workpiece can be disassembled and handed over to the inspector for special inspection.
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