A simple understanding of the precision parts processing plant


At present, precision parts processing plant has been gradually developed, but there are still a lot of friends do not understand this, today, HXTech precision company to introduce to you, the following we go together with a simple understanding of precision parts processing plant.
Simple understanding of precision parts processing plant
1、Precision parts processing plant common instruments
Including digital milling machine, digital forming grinder, digital lathe, EDM, universal grinder, external grinder, internal grinder, precision lathe and other equipment, these devices can carry out precision parts of turning, milling, planing, grinding and other processing, the processing accuracy of up to 2um.
2、Processing process of precision parts processing plant
The production process of machining includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, embryo manufacturing, processing and heat treatment of parts, and
Product assembly and commissioning. Through machining, the shape, size and performance of the raw materials can be changed to meet the requirements of the finished product. This process is also called process, is composed of one or a number of sequential processes.
3、Production type of precision parts processing plant
Precision parts processing, production types can usually be divided into three categories, for.
Single-piece production: is the production of a part alone, rarely repeated production.
Batch production: is the production of batches of manufacturing the same parts.
Mass production: when the product is manufactured in large quantities, it is necessary to repeat the production of a part frequently.
4. Precision parts processing considerations
(1) to facilitate processing operations, minimize unnecessary bending, tiptoe action.
(2) positioning should be accurate and reliable to prevent vibration, resulting in errors.
(3) The direction of motion of the equipment operating parts and the direction of motion of the operated parts should meet the prescribed requirements and be easily marked.
(4) Set the necessary interlocking mechanism to prevent uncoordinated movements during operation, which may cause danger.
(5) The structure of the handle, hand wheel and button as well as the arrangement position should meet the requirements. The general start button should be installed in the housing and equipped with a guard ring to prevent accidental touching, and the shaft should be equipped with an automatic release device to prevent the hand wheel and handle from injuring people.
Precision parts processing plant to provide precision parts processing, in the processing of parts, due to the different types of production of parts, the processing methods used, equipment, tools, blanks and technical requirements of these aspects, are different, hope that the majority of friends pay attention to. The more that you need pls whatsapp (+86131-498-6413) or view our website: www.machinedpartshx.com