Precision mold parts processing factory need to pay attention to what production matters?


Precision mold parts processing is a more detailed industry, the production process is relatively complex, the quality of the product error requirements are still very strict. For the processing of enterprises, precision mold parts processing plant need to pay attention to what production matters? We take a look at the following introduction.
Precision mold parts processing plant need to pay attention to what production matters
(1) effective management of product data management, process data management, drawing document management.
(2) to maintain the consistency and integrity of the mold drawings, processing technology, and physical data.
3)The design and manufacturing cost of each set of moulds must be summarized in time.
4)Organically organize and integrate the information of planning, design, processing technology, workshop production situation, human resources, etc. together for integration.
5) Develop a complete and practical mold production management system.
6)Establish a failure mode and impact analysis library.
7)Establish the processing process compilation, summarize the detailed list of mold parts, detailed list of outsourced parts, detailed list of standard parts, etc.
8)Establish the quality inspection department and strictly standardize the testing means to ensure the accuracy of each spare part of the mold processing.
9)According to the company, and customers, develop mold design standards and mold design work instructions suitable for the company and customers.
10)Standardize the procurement, warehouse and placing production orders, material in and out, tooling reporting, shipping management, and rationalize the material supply chain to prevent production disconnection.
11)Establish an assessment system, regularly train and assess relevant mold design and mold manufacturing personnel, and discover and train the company's elite backbone team.
12)Regulate the functions of each post, so that people can do their jobs and talents, and prevent people from floating in the work.
13)Establish the mold project follow-up management team: bridge the communication and supervision between customer-marketing-engineering-procurement-manufacturing-warehouse-injection molding and other departments, conduct detailed communication on affairs and technology, and understand customers' mold technology requirements in full detail.
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