The difference between machining and stamping of aluminum alloy parts


Aluminum alloy is a metal alloy obtained by adding other metal elements to aluminum, such as silicon, iron, copper, aluminum, etc. The aluminum alloy obtained by adding other metals has the characteristics of low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc. The following is an introduction to you about the mechanical processing of aluminum alloy parts and stamping, welcome to read more...
1、Aluminum alloy parts mechanical processing
Also known as CNC machining, automatic lathe machining, CNC lathe machining, etc.
(1) with turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and other general-purpose machine tools to process mold parts, and then the necessary clamp repair, assembled into a variety of grinding tools.
(2) high precision requirements of mold parts, only with ordinary machine tool processing is difficult to ensure high processing accuracy, the need to use precision machine tools processing.
(3) in order to make mold parts, especially the shape of complex convex mold, concave mold hole and cavity processing more automated, reduce the clamp, the need to use CNC machine tools (such as three-coordinate CNC milling machine, machining center, CNC grinding machine and other equipment) processing mold parts.
Aluminum alloy processing
2, aluminum alloy parts stamping processing
Stamping is a forming processing method that uses presses and dies to apply external force to plates, strips, tubes and profiles to produce plastic deformation or separation to obtain a workpiece of the desired shape and size (stamped parts). Stamping is a production technology that uses the power of conventional or specialized stamping equipment to subject the sheet to direct deformation forces and deformation in the die to obtain product parts of a certain shape, size and performance. Plate, die and equipment are the three elements of stamping process. Stamp forming is a method of cold deformation processing of metals, hence the name cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, or stamping for short. It is one of the main methods of metal plasticity processing.
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