What is the purpose of precision surface grinding?


Precision surface grinding machine processing is also like other technical work, not only a technical issue, but also an economic issue, and it is necessary to conduct technical analysis when carrying out precision surface grinding machine processing, so that the parts processed can obtain better economic benefits. So, what is the purpose of precision surface grinding machine processing?
What is the purpose of precision surface grinding machine processing?
Surface grinding machine is equipped with a program control system that can logically process the program with control codes or other symbolic instructions specified, and decode it, (wire cutting) so that the machine action CNC bending machine and processing parts (wire cutting is a surface grinding machine processing).
First. High precision and stable quality of processed parts
Surface grinding machine positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy are very high, it is easier to ensure the consistency of a number of parts size, as long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable, coupled with careful operation, you can ensure that the parts to obtain high processing accuracy, but also to facilitate the implementation of quality control of the processing process.
Second, the high degree of automation can reduce the physical labor intensity of the operator
Grinding machine processing is done automatically according to the input program, the operator only needs to start the tool, EDM cutting machine loading and unloading parts, changing tools, in the process of processing, mainly to observe and supervise the operation of the machine tool.
Third, the size should be marked in line with the characteristics of grinding machine processing
In CNC programming, the size and location of all points, lines and surfaces are based on the programming origin. Therefore, it is best to give the coordinate size directly on the part diagram, or try to cite the same datum size.
Fourth, the unified geometric type or size
The shape of the part, the cavity is best to use a unified geometric type or size, which can reduce the number of tool changes, but also may apply control procedures or special procedures to shorten the length of the program. The shape of the part is as symmetrical as possible to facilitate the use of the mirror processing function of the surface grinder to program to save programming time.
V. Reliable positioning reference
In grinding machine processing, the processing process is often more concentrated, and it is important to locate the same datum. Convenient for new product development and reshaping. Grinding machine processing generally does not require a lot of complex process equipment, through the preparation of processing procedures can be complex in shape and high precision requirements of the parts processed, when the product is reshaped, change the design, as long as the program changes, without the need to redesign the tooling. Therefore, grinding machine processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, for the development of new products, product improvement, and modification to provide a shortcut.
Sixth, can be developed to a more advanced manufacturing system
Surface grinding machine and its processing technology is the basis for computer-aided manufacturing.
Precision surface grinding machine in the research process, the development of formed surface grinding machine is no longer limited to the grinding of the plane, has extended to the grinding of the surface, formed grinding method is widely popular, the manufacturers and users are strongly respected, development and recognition, grinding accuracy is also increasingly high.
Precision surface grinding machine processing has high precision, high rigidity, high speed and compound performance, but with new changes. With the development of high technology, the use of high-precision, ultra-fine forming grinding machines is also becoming more and more widespread, and the production of specific surface grinding machines is increasingly affordable to users.